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Jessica Alba Shares Throwback Photo With Jessica Biel

Jessica Alba, and Jessica Biel need no introduction. They are two of the most recognized Jessicas in the world, who have made a fortune in Hollywood. But did really you know how long they’ve both been in the business?


Adele Unrecognizable Dressed As Dolly Parton

Everybody loves Adele, whether they admit to it or not. The British songstress with the powerful, yet effortless voice, has won enough Grammys to fill a barrel, and she’s only 29-years old. When you’r...


Rihanna Grammy Performance Spawns Hilarious Meme

If you forgot to watch the 60th Annual Grammys last night, here’s what you missed. There were way too many ballads performed, Bruno Mars swept about every category, “Despacito” got dissed, with zero w...

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