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greatest video game series

Top 10 Best Video Game Series Ever

Video games have existed since the 1950s, enjoying rapid development and popularity as decades pass. It’s truly staggering to think how far we’ve come in the industry, from two-dimensional to photo-re...


Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Villains

Compelling fiction is only as strong as its villains. They can either act as a plot device to further develop the protagonists or they can be fleshed out as complicated, conflicted individuals. Some a...

worst free agent signings in nhl history

12 Worst Free Agent Signings in NHL History

There are worse things in the world than being an unrestricted free agent in the National Hockey League. You circle July 1 on your calendar and wait for overeager general managers to overvalue your se...


10 Most Brutal Suspensions in NHL History

Hockey can be a barbaric, cold-blooded sport sometimes. And that’s true in any league around the globe. But when it comes to the top league in the world, the National Hockey League, there's a bevy of ...

Worst NHL Hits

10 Most Devastating Hits In NHL History

Fans of hockey are well-acclimated to the sport’s fast-paced, adrenaline fueled play. Whether it’s a well-timed pass, a rocket shot, scintillating saves, dropping the gloves for some fisticuffs, or a ...


The 15 Greatest Fan Films Ever Made

Fan films may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a creative way for zealots of the source material to express their unbridled love on a larger platform. Most of them are stuffed to the brim with b...

Ornstein and Smough

15 Hardest Boss Battles in Gaming History

What’s a video game without boss battles? They challenge our determination and thrust us into battles of impeccable timing, refined skill and quick reactions. Bosses that require you to focus and lear...


The 15 Most Exciting Fight Scenes in Film

If there’s one unequivocal positive about action films, it’s the adrenaline rush it injects into viewers as we sit on the couch munching popcorn. While directors such as Michael Bay have diluted the l...


The 15 Most Intense Action Heroes Ever

Crafting lists such as these are always an arduous task because there are so many badasses to choose from. They’ve each earned their legacy by kicking copious amount of butt and maintaining composure ...

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