Articles by Peter Tran


Top 10 Foreign Players in the Playoffs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for NBA fans. As the NBA moves into the postseason, games become more important, players become more disciplined and teams are distinguished from average to great.


Top 10 Crazy NBA Divorces

Divorces are a stressful situation for any family to go through. It’s difficult for any regular family to go through, but what happens when you throw millions into the scenario and add in kids. This i...


Top 10 Chuckers in the NBA

Being a chucker in the NBA is not an easy job to fulfill. At any basketball court, whether it’s an outdoor court or the local Y, chuckers can be found anywhere that ball is being played.  These are th...

Sports (old)

Top 10 Statues in Sports

Once upon a time, before the Internet was used to transfer information across the world instantly, society was limited in ways that stories could be told. This was especially true in the sports world,...


Top 10 Celebrity Fans of NBA Teams

Being a celebrity has countless perks that a normal person couldn't possibly comprehend. Besides the money and fame, and recognition basically everywhere you go, you also get to hang out with some of ...


Top 9 Players Known For Getting Dunked On

The dunk is one of the most exciting sequences in the game of basketball. When a player jumps and does windmill or a 360 in the air, it creates a huge buzz in the arena. The fans go wild, the commenta...


Top 10 Current Journeymen of the NBA

Often in the NBA, we remember players who have spent their whole careers with one or two teams. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson established the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, Jordan brought six championships to...


Top 10 Steals Leaders in the NBA Today

To steal the ball once during a basketball game is already a difficult feat, as most of the players in the NBA don’t even do that on a regular basis. So how do we try to explain the guys who average m...


Top 10 Shot Blockers in the NBA Today

The art of shot blocking can be seen in most Top 10 plays released by the NBA. Blocks are always featured as a mesmerizing event where a player defies gravity to stop another. It is a fundamental part...