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Top 10 Hardest to Tackle Players in the NFL

As the 2014 season in the National Football League begins with organized team activities and minicamps, the NFL remains the most popular sport in the United States. NFL games dominate the fall televis...

High Life

10 Summer Holidays You Might Not Know About

Everyone knows the three big summer holidays in the United States. Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial beginning of summer with a variety of celebrations, including barbecues and ubiquitous three-da...


The 10 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Teams

A National Football League game would not be the same without the cheerleaders. The beautiful women dancing along the sidelines have become a staple of the professional football game day experience, f...

Most Expensive

5 Costs Behind Creating Game of Thrones

HBO’s hit drama series Game of Thrones returns for a fourth season on Sunday, April 6, to the delight of fans and critics alike. Even for a prestigious network like HBO, Game of Thrones provides an al...


The Million Dollar Home Of Bill Gates

Many people dream about what kind of house they’d live in if they struck it rich. Even when dreaming, though, most don’t go so far as to think about the house they’d have if they were one of the richest people in the world.


The Coolest Cars From The James Bond Films

James Bond is not only one of the most famous characters in all of fiction, but he is also arguably one of the coolest. Bond, an MI6 agent codenamed “007,” is a suave British spy tasked with saving th...

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