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I love to write, blog and share some great gossip. Doing it all with a great cup of coffee and sunshine

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15 Reasons To Stop Watching The Arrowverse

Perdi Thomas

With the recent, and huge, success of Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders, many TV and comic book fans out there have a lot to be excited about. In the movies, …

15 Ways The 90s Almost Destroyed Comic Books

Perdi Thomas

To many of us, the 1990s was seen as the best decade of a generation. The last decade of the 20th century changed everything in the world. This great era …

The 15 Darkest Things Jean Grey Has Ever Done

Perdi Thomas

Jean Grey has been one of the most popular and successful characters since her first introduction back in the 1960s. Often seen as the mother of the mutants, Grey was …

15 Movie Myths That People Still Believe

Perdi Thomas

We all know that most movies are make believe. Even those that are based on reality, often bend the truth slightly in order to tell a great story and to …

15 Movies That Killed Their Franchise

Perdi Thomas

These days it seems that Hollywood is only interested in one thing and that is to have a successful movie franchise. Rather than just making one excellent movie and telling …

15 Times Superman Had To Be Saved

Perdi Thomas

If there is one hero and character that is seemingly unbeatable and unstoppable in the comic book world, it’s definitely Superman. Ever since his introduction in the 1930s, the last …

15 Ridiculous Superhero Weapons And Gadgets

Perdi Thomas

In the world of comic books, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. There are those superheroes that are blessed with special powers that seemingly defy the laws of physics. …

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