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World's 15 Most Notorious Party Crashers

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It’s a lot tougher to crash a celebrity party or high profile event nowadays. In the post 9-11 days of high-tech security, simply blustering your way past the doorman with a phony pass and a confident...

15 Most Infamous Valentine's Day Murders

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday of contrasts. Although it’s most often associated with love and romance, it also evokes impassioned distaste among V-day haters. Indeed, it has on occasion even been coupl...

Hollywood's 16 Youngest Success Stories


Hollywood is  obsessed with youth.  You don't make it big there in your senior years - at least, not very often. And the few stars who do make it young probably shouldn't expect success in Hollywood t...

The 8 Batman Movies, Ranked


Who's your favorite on-screen Batman? It's not an easy question. Since just 1989, there have been no less than seven Batman movies - not to mention a few animated, a Lego incarnation, and the upcoming...

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