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14 Weirdest Times Actors Played Themselves On Screen

Playing yourself in movies and on TV has been a staple since, well, the beginning of movies and TV. Yet it wasn’t until the last two decades that the practice of lampooning yourself really took off with shows like Seinfeld and movies like Birdman.

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World's 15 Most Notorious Party Crashers

It’s a lot tougher to crash a celebrity party or high profile event nowadays. In the post 9-11 days of high-tech security, simply blustering your way past the doorman with a phony pass and a confident...

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15 Most Infamous Valentine's Day Murders

Valentine’s Day is a holiday of contrasts. Although it’s most often associated with love and romance, it also evokes impassioned distaste among V-day haters. Indeed, it has on occasion even been coupl...


Hollywood's 16 Youngest Success Stories

Hollywood is  obsessed with youth.  You don't make it big there in your senior years - at least, not very often. And the few stars who do make it young probably shouldn't expect success in Hollywood t...


The 8 Batman Movies, Ranked

Who's your favorite on-screen Batman? It's not an easy question. Since just 1989, there have been no less than seven Batman movies - not to mention a few animated, a Lego incarnation, and the upcoming...

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