Articles by Paul Garrigan

6 Things To Look For In A Mentor


If you remember the movie The Matrix, you’ll already have an example of an effective mentor. Neo is a computer hacker who has lived his whole life with the nagging feeling that something is seriously ...

How To Turn Career Failure Into Gold

Job & Salaries

The year is 1972, a young computer geek has been working with some friends to create a traffic survey system. It seems like a winning idea because the demand is there. Local government needs this info...

6 Morning Rituals To Boost Your Productivity


The things you do between waking up and starting work can have a significant impact on your overall productivity. If it takes you half the day to get your mind in the mood for business, it is going to...

How Fear Of Success Might Be Holding You Back


Some people struggle for years to get ahead, yet they just never seem to make much progress. It may be that at least some of these individuals just don’t have the resources to turn their dreams into r...

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