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6 Gorgeous Aerial Trips In Thailand

If you follow the usual tourist trail in Thailand, you will get to enjoy some stunning beaches, tranquil temples, lush jungles, along with a plentiful supply of cultural delights. Holidaymakers return...


10 Exercises That Increase Your Productivity

Lots of people take up exercise with the goal of getting into physical shape, but these activities can also significantly increase your productivity and focus. This isn’t so hard to understand because...


7 Reasons A Year Of Travel Helps Your Career

If you mention you’re thinking of taking a year off work in order to go traveling for a year, there are likely going to be people who tell you this is a bad idea. This type of trip can be seen as a bi...


7 Signs You Have Lost Your Way In Life

Life doesn’t have to be full of riches, exotic holidays, and amazing adventures for it to be completely satisfying. Losing your way isn’t about failing to reach some standard set by other people – it’...


7 Habits That Can Trap You In Mediocrity

There is nothing bad about settling for an average life so long as you can still feel satisfied with your situation. The problem is that many people feel they are trapped in mediocrity, and it can bec...


8 Ways The Buddha Can Help You Run A Business

Before he set off to become the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama is said to have lived a life of luxury. He grew up in a palace, and from an early age he was groomed to become a powerful leader. After his e...


7 Useless Luxuries The Ultrarich Will Pay For

Money is no fun if you just leave it in the bank, but what happens if you have so much of it that spending your cash becomes a challenge? Once you’ve purchased your huge mansion, fleet of luxury cars,...

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