Articles by Juliette Marie

The 25 Richest Americans Under 25 In 2018


The world in 2018 is a very different place to the way it was a decade ago. There are many teenagers who have been able to use their advanced knowledge in technology to create some impressive websites...

15 Current Male WWE Stars Who Are Still Single


Wrestling isn't a career that can be done without a hundred percent effort put in, which is why there are many male wrestlers in the company night now who have become so focused on their career that t...

15 Wrestling Couples With The Biggest Age Gaps


There is a popular quote that states that "age is just a number," and over the past few decades, the superstars who make up the wrestling business have proved just how true that quote really is. Even ...

15 Reasons Why CM Punk Might Come Back To WWE


CM Punk is a former WWE Champion who was part of the wrestling business for the better part of his life before he walked away from the company back in 2014. Punk was one of the most notable names in t...

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