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Neil Hughes

A UK Based writer and blogger with a passion for travel, tech, music, geekery, mischief and mayhem. Follow me on Twitter @neilchughes

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14 Hollywood Co-Stars Who Hated Working Together

Neil Hughes

Cinemagoers have long sat in darkened theatres looking up at the mammoth silver screen longing for love and romance like they see in the movies. But the behind-the-scenes reality isn’t …

10 Incredible Examples Of Tiny Cooking

Neil Hughes

Cats have ruled the internet for as long as youth of the digital age can remember. But in 2015, it appears that there’s a new sheriff in town. That’s Kawaii …

The 14 Worst Commuters From Hell

Neil Hughes

Any commuter who suffers the twice-daily hell will likely find parallels with Rutger Hauer’s character in the movie Blade Runner where he says the line “I’ve… seen things you people …

Top 12 Movie Moments That Broke The Fourth Wall

Neil Hughes

When viewing entertainment such as theatre, movies or TV, we typically see the fictional world via the figurative fourth wall. Performers are confined to the three more literal walls, into which …