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Top 15 Hottest K-Pop Stars

When you think of Korea, you might not think about music. However, there is a multi-billion dollar pop industry booming there. Many of us nerdy American girls are total K-pop and/or J-Pop fans. Today,...

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Top 15 Disgusting Chip Flavors

We love food here in America. We love to eat big greasy burgers and fried food and all the things that are bad for you. But surprisingly, junk food consumption is going down. "Big Food" is not as popu...

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Top 13 Most Beautiful Black Models

Many of us love looking at models. They make the clothes in our catalogs that much more appealing. They wear some of the most unique clothes out there while they walk down the catwalk. The Victoria's ...

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11 Most Badass Ladies Of Rock

These women are hot, these women can sing, these women have WAY more metal cred than you do. Today, I'm presenting to you the hottest heavy metal and hard rock front-women. But I'm not just posting ba...


10 Reasons Why Madonna Must Retire ASAP!

So, I'm sure we all know who Madonna is, but I'm going to give a little bit of background on her here. She was born Madonna Louise Ciccone in 1958. She began as a solo pop singer in 1981. By the 90s, ...


15 People With Insane Comic Book Tattoos

For us nerds, there are many comic book movies that have been made over the last few years. There are plenty more coming out over the next five years. The big players are Marvel and DC, but I will als...