Articles by Natacha Medeiros


Instagram's 15 Most Famous Whiskers

With the recent boom in a variety of social media platforms, it seems like all of us are able to have our very own social media accounts. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it is fairly eas...


10 Fashion Bloggers That Made It Big

The world of fashion is a crazy, beautiful and ever-so-stylish place. It is filled with a lot of talent and a lot of competition, on the runway and off. A few savvy girls ­­-and guys- capitalized on t...


25 Excuses We Use To Eat Junk Food

Let's not pretend we can't relate to this. It's okay, we all do it. If you ever needed a reason to eat all the food you crave (and cheat on that annoying diet), well, here's 25 pretty damn good ones:


Burberry's 5 Biggest Items In Fashion

Burberry, the brand with the knight and horse logo and world-recognized check, is steeped in English tradition. The fashion brand was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, only 21 at the time. Thomas dr...


Hermès: The House’s Top 5 Fashions

Hermès is a fashion brand deeply rooted in history; after all, it was founded in 1837. The fashion house is most prominently known for their handbags, including the infamous Birkin; which Kanye West g...


Chanel's 6 Most Iconic Designs

Chanel fashions are a classic; maybe because the haute couture house has been doing it right since its founding in 1909. To this day, the double C’s are coveted amongst mostly any woman and the brand’...


Top 10 Most Lavish, Gold Infused Foods

There’s just something about gold. It’s shiny, pretty and pricey. But you’re mistaken if you think you can only wear it around your neck. The precious metal is making its way into gourmet treats aroun...


Top 10 Hotels Designed By Fashion Icons

When staying at a standard hotel just doesn't cut it anymore, make your way over to one that has a little something extra, like say, a fashion designer’s touch. They’re nothing new, but high-end desig...

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