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Nathan Gibson

Freelance writer who has provided work for a number of different websites and publications, mainly on the topics of video games, technology, entertainment and sport.

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10 Films That Were Ruined By Studio Interference

Nathan Gibson

Everyone has seen films that they thought were rubbish. Maybe the story wasn’t up to scratch and didn’t compel you, the plot might have seemed disjointed or perhaps there were …

12 Unbelievable Things You Can Do When You Die

Nathan Gibson

Traditionally, there have been very few options for what you can have done to your body after you die. The vast majority of people choose between either being buried in …

10 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes Of All Time

Nathan Gibson

Have you ever booked the wrong tickets for a journey or traveled to the wrong place by accident? How about buying the wrong item from a store or even getting …

12 Awesome Movies Ruined By Last Minute Changes

Nathan Gibson

It is not unusual for films to go through protracted periods of development, whereby any number of issues can affect production and cause problems for directors, actors and crew. Due …

12 Shockingly Harmful Toys Made For Children

Nathan Gibson

There are huge varieties of different toys available to buy worldwide, from board games, dolls, cars and remote controlled devices. They are meant to provide fun and entertainment to children, …

12 Amazing Games That Ended Up Being Complete Flops

Nathan Gibson

Video games, much like with movies and televisions shows, can vary hugely in quality. While the vast majority will be reasonable, some individual titles will be exceptional. However, it is …

10 Films Budgets That Went Completely Overboard

Nathan Gibson

The movie industry involves huge amounts of money. It is not uncommon for films, especially blockbusters, to have budgets that run well into figures in excess of $100 million. Studios …

12 Most Incredible Gaming Feats Ever Achieved

Nathan Gibson

There are plenty of ways that people playing video games might get a sense of accomplishment. Maybe they have beaten their favorite title on the hardest difficulty, overcome a particularly …

10 Of The Biggest Sponsorship Deals In The World

Nathan Gibson

Sponsorship in sport is a huge business. Businesses are willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of their marketing budgets into endorsing clubs, leagues, events and athletes, to ensure …

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