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Nathan Gibson

Freelance writer who has provided work for a number of different websites and publications, mainly on the topics of video games, technology, entertainment and sport.

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10 Of The Most Expensive Movie Sets Ever Made

Nathan Gibson

Making movies is an expensive business. There are costs all the way throughout production, from paying screenwriters to creating a script, hiring a crew, getting the right equipment and of …

10 Of The Weirdest Body Treatments People Pay For

Nathan Gibson

Throughout history, people have been willing to pay to have a multitude of things done to their bodies. The reasons behind these types of actions can be incredibly varied, it …

10 Of The Most Overpaid Actors Of All Time

Nathan Gibson

Successful actors are some of the best paid people in the world. The fact that they work in an industry that can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make …

10 Obscure People Who Are Shockingly Influential

Nathan Gibson

The most influential people in society, as has been the case throughout history, have generally been people who are well known and in the public eye. This is because the …

10 Amazing People Who Lived Among Wild Animals

Nathan Gibson

Animals have always played a huge part in human civilization. Work animals help us to grow, hunt and harvest food, while in ancient times, they were the primary means of …

10 Unbelievable Heists That Were Easily Pulled Off

Nathan Gibson

Heists that involve the theft of millions of dollars’ worth of valuables are hugely complicated operations that require detailed planning and flawless execution right? Wrong. While the media image of …

13 Actors You Didn’t Know Were That Generous

Nathan Gibson

While many people in the world try to be as generous as possible throughout their lives, it is not something that everybody actually manages. This is compounded by the fact …

10 Most Shocking Sports From Around The World

Nathan Gibson

Sports are one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Every single day, millions of people across the globe either participate in, or watch a variety of sports. There …

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