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Nathan Gibson

Freelance writer who has provided work for a number of different websites and publications, mainly on the topics of video games, technology, entertainment and sport.

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10 Of The Weirdest Body Treatments People Pay For

Nathan Gibson

Throughout history, people have been willing to pay to have a multitude of things done to their bodies. The reasons behind these types of actions can be incredibly varied, it …

Top 10 Most Unusual Military Bases Around The World

Nathan Gibson

Military bases are often like any other large facility, filled with collections of standard buildings and everything you would expect to find in a complex of such size. More often …

10 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes Of All Time

Nathan Gibson

Have you ever booked the wrong tickets for a journey or traveled to the wrong place by accident? How about buying the wrong item from a store or even getting …

10 Of The Most Overpaid Actors Of All Time

Nathan Gibson

Successful actors are some of the best paid people in the world. The fact that they work in an industry that can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make …

Top 10 Most Futuristic Cars In Development

Nathan Gibson

Cars have advanced massively over the past century since they were first introduced. They have evolved from the large and sluggish machines that could only be used by an elite …

10 Of The Craziest Tattoos People Had The Guts To Get

Nathan Gibson

Tattoos have been commonplace throughout the history of human beings. The process is unlike other body modifications techniques, as instead of inserting materials or items onto the body it involves …

10 Of The Most Expensive Movie Sets Ever Made

Nathan Gibson

Making movies is an expensive business. There are costs all the way throughout production, from paying screenwriters to creating a script, hiring a crew, getting the right equipment and of …

Top 10 Biggest Video Game Budgets Of All Time

Nathan Gibson

In the early days of gaming, development teams would often consist of only a few people working together in a tiny office to create game. It was not unheard of …

10 Of The Biggest Sponsorship Deals In The World

Nathan Gibson

Sponsorship in sport is a huge business. Businesses are willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars of their marketing budgets into endorsing clubs, leagues, events and athletes, to ensure …

12 Amazing Games That Ended Up Being Complete Flops

Nathan Gibson

Video games, much like with movies and televisions shows, can vary hugely in quality. While the vast majority will be reasonable, some individual titles will be exceptional. However, it is …

12 Awesome Movies Ruined By Last Minute Changes

Nathan Gibson

It is not unusual for films to go through protracted periods of development, whereby any number of issues can affect production and cause problems for directors, actors and crew. Due …

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