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Nathan Gibson

Freelance writer who has provided work for a number of different websites and publications, mainly on the topics of video games, technology, entertainment and sport.

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15 Creatures That Have Amazing Real-Life Superpowers

Nathan Gibson

Superpowers are things that absolutely fascinate humans. After all, millions of people spend huge amounts of time reading comic books and watching movies from the likes of Marvel and DC. …

15 Most Terrifying Pokemon And The Stories Behind Them

Nathan Gibson

Although it has always been remarkably popular, the Pokemon franchise has gone through an unprecedented period of success following the release of Pokemon Go for smartphones. The fact that the …

15 Things Your Dentist Doesn’t Tell You

Nathan Gibson

Dentistry is no different to many other expert professions. The field is incredibly complicated, with dentists having to spend years in education and training in order to become qualified enough …

15 Movies That Put Insane Effort Into Tiny Details

Nathan Gibson

Unlike many other forms of entertainment, films are a truly collaborative effort that often involve hundreds of cast and crew working together in order to create a finished product. This …

15 Cities With The Most Homeless People

Nathan Gibson

Homelessness is a problem that has affected human society throughout its history. There are millions of people all around the world that have nowhere to sleep and instead, have to …

15 Bizarre Consequences Pokemon Go Has Caused

Nathan Gibson

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm in the past week. It has become one of the most popular apps for smartphones and has grown incredibly quickly to become …

15 Most Shocking Statistics About Humanity

Nathan Gibson

Even if you aren’t particularly fond of mathematics, it is difficult to argue about the importance of statistics. They not only follow us around everywhere we go in commercials, adverts …

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