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10 Highest-Grossing Robert Pattinson Movies

Robert Pattinson has recently been taking Hollywood by storm, and he definitely has rid himself of that Edward Cullen label. He's been acting ever since that breakout role, but he's getting harder and...


10 Highest-Grossing Chadwick Boseman Movies

Chadwick Boseman is making waves in Hollywood, and this heartthrob has definitely made his name known within the last few years. With 21 Bridges coming out later this month, in November 2019, we thoug...


10 Highest-Grossing Sandra Bullock Movies Of All Time

Sandra Bullock has been stealing our hearts since she first set foot on a Hollywood set. This brilliant bombshell has done everything, from comedy to romance, action, thrillers, and we're not exactly sure what she slays at more.


10 Hollywood Movies That Went Way Over-Budget

We all know that Hollywood movies are absolutely ridiculous expensive to make. However, we also know that many movies rake in even more ridiculous amounts of money at the box office that it's all fine...


The 10 Richest Game Show Hosts Of 2019

We all have our binge of television game shows, right? That probably means you're a Bob Barker fan, or probably are in love with Alex Trebek. While these hosts are asking questions, spinning wheels, a...


10 Actors That Turned Game-Show Host

We all have watching GSN late at night as one of our guilty pleasures, right? It seems as if there is a new game show every week, but there are definitely our classic favorites that are still going strong.