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15 Craziest Celebrity Headlines Of 2014


It seems as though with great fame and fortune often comes strange behavior. Very public meltdowns, divorces, legal and money troubles have made headlines throughout the years, with each celebrity sto...

16 Of The Most Famous Real Life Kisses


A simple kiss can incite so much more than romance. Kisses are viewed as symbolic social statements, captured idealism, been staged for ratings and capture fleeting moments of true, spontaneous love.

15 Of The Best Girl Power Movies


Whether it's a bad break-up, an awful boss, a back-stabbing friend or just a Friday night in with a bottle of wine, it's always an occasion for an inspiring girl power movie.

10 Interesting Facts About The Boston Marathon


To “BQ” (Boston-Qualify) puts you in one of the world’s most elite racing categories, competing in the world’s oldest annual marathon with a selection of the most exclusive runners. Each year Boston M...

15 TV Shows Confirmed as Cancelled This Season


If you’re one of the few who latched on to a new series this season it can be frustrating when a network axes the show just because no one else was watching it. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a show i...

The 10 Biggest Marathon Cash Prizes

The Biggest

When American Meb Keflezighi crossed the finish line in Boston on Monday, arms outstretched, his triumphant expression greeting an emotional crowd, it was more than a personal win. It was a win for al...