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Top 10 Surprising Celebrity Smokers

Most Shocking

The world is doing everything in its power to rid itself of smoking. Most restaurants, bars and work places are "smoke free." There are also nasty fines involved if someone smokes in a non-smoking est...

Top 10 Worst WWE Gimmick Matches


WWE (and wrestling promotions in general) have towed the line over the years in regards to the types of matches that take place. They've come up with some downright scintillating ideas for matches tha...

Top 8 Sidney Crosby Flops


Sidney Crosby has been the face of the NHL for nearly a decade now and has done a masterful job, particularly in his dealings with the media. It's almost unbelievable to think that he's done countless...

Top 10 NHL Goalie Fights


There's nothing quite like a goalie fight in the NHL. They usually occur when there's a brawl, and one of the goalies decides to get involved and leaves the other tender absolutely no choice but to jo...

Top 10 WWE Intercontinental Champions


The Intercontinental Championship has always played second fiddle to the WWE Championship, but if we take a look back at the company's history, most Intercontinental Champions do go on to win the WWE ...

Top 10 Undertaker Matches at WrestleMania


What started off as a mere coincidence is now one of the most iconic, legendary storylines in WWE history. That storyline of course being "The Streak." Early in his career, every time The Undertaker w...

Top 10 Longest Stanley Cup Droughts in the NHL


The Stanley Cup is the nicest looking trophy in sports. What's not to like about it? It's big, shiny, and perfectly shaped for consumption of celebratory beverages. It's also an extremely grueling pro...

Top 10 NHL Shootout Goal Leaders


Much to the chagrin of hockey purists, the shootout was introduced to the NHL in the 2005-2006 season. Every time overtime would expire and it was time for the coaches to pick their shooters, you coul...

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