Articles by Michelle Pratt

The Top 8 Worst Pet Adoption Trends


Many people have been charmed by the animals we have seen on T.V, in movies, or even read about in books. Sometimes we have been so charmed we may have considered bringing home one of those seemingly ...

Top 8 Strangest Cellphone Acessories

Most Shocking

We love our phones and can't imagine life without them. We might be able to image our lives without some of the strange apps and accessories they have invented for our smartphones, like the app that m...

The World's 10 Biggest Hotels

World Money

The Richest is counting down the top ten biggest hotels in the world as of 2014. We will count them down based on the number of guest rooms available. Let's get the records straight. Different sites r...

5 of the Biggest Clothing Brand Scandals

Most Shocking

We all love those fresh new finds that revive our tired wardrobe, or catch the eye of a love interest. Many people have outfits they consider sexy, or lucky, that may help them get their dream job or ...