Articles by Michael Gordon


15 Hot AF Team-Ups In Marvel And DC

When it comes to comic book superheroes, everybody loves a good team-up. Both the Marvel and DC Universes are chock-full of wonderful characters with differing ideologies, purposes, fighting styles an...


15 Storylines WWE Superstars Regretted Doing

Storytelling and characters are very important in the world of WWE. It is these things that keep the WWE Universe coming back week after week to watch Raw and Smackdown, and  ensure people pony up the...


15 Times DC Was Darker Than Marvel

A big-screen battle is currently being raged between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. DC has its Extended Universe of films, while Marvel has their all-conquering Cinematic Universe. Regardless of how one...


The Top 15 Horror Movies Of The 2000s

With only two weeks to go until Halloween, the world is again in the process of fully embracing its spooky side. Soon, kids will be choosing their costumes for trick or treating and hoping that no one...


15 Must-See Media For True Narcos Fans

Netflix has been killing it lately in terms of their original programming. There isn't a week that goes by now without the streaming giant uploading a new binge-ready TV show, or one of their own movi...