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Melissa Delgado

Melissa is an Author and Poet. Creative writing is her passion; she says she loves sleep but realistically survives off of naps; writing about anything involving film, TV, or superheroes gives her life; if she could have one superpower, it would be telekinesis; and, she currently has two published books which can be found on Amazon/BN (Ending a Broken Journey and Ending a Torn Past).

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15 Actors Who Got Their Start in Small Roles

Melissa Delgado

It’s always so much easier to believe that most famous actors and actresses have never had to struggle. Especially when we see where they are now, with a highlight reel …

The Top 15 Unexpected Archaeological Discoveries

Melissa Delgado

Ever since watching and falling completely in love with Indiana Jones and his many adventures, I have always found the digging up of treasures fascinating. Whether it be in movies, …

15 Famous Crimes That Will Never Be Solved

Melissa Delgado

Alleged paranormal deaths, unsolved murder cases, and crimes that will most likely never be solved. What is so intriguing about death and the circumstances surrounding specific cases? From Reddit discussions …

15 Deaths Allegedly Caused By The Paranormal

Melissa Delgado

Every now and then, we hear about really off the wall deaths. Some can be easily explained, yet, some cannot. Over the years, it seems that more of the unexplained …

The 16 Most Famous Unsolved Murders Of All Time

Melissa Delgado

Today’s topic of discussion? Unsolved murders of course. To follow along in theme with things abandoned, unsolved murders seems like the next logical step. For me, unsolved murders are equally …

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