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World Money

10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Go

This month, colleges and universities throughout America will be letting their prospective students know whether they made the cut. Of all the Ivy League and elite universities in the world, some seem...

The Biggest

The 10 Biggest Air Disasters of All Time

About one in 10 Americans is afraid of flying, and perhaps that’s not surprising when you consider the air disasters that we've witnessed in the past 40 years. Most recently, the world has been awaiti...

World Money

10 Fun Facts About Mexico’s Richest Man

Born in Mexico City in January 1940, Carlos Slim Helu has long been a businessman. He bought his first shares in a Mexican bank at the age of just 12 and now he’s easily Mexico’s wealthiest man. In fa...


Top 10 Best Surprise Celebrity Hair Cuts

Celebrities love to change their hair and it always makes for big news. From the invention of “The Rachael” haircut in the 1990s (thanks to Jennifer Aniston and Friends) to what Taylor Swift puts on I...


10 TV Shows That Celebrities Are Watching

It’s easy to forget that celebrities and the world’s richest people still have time to watch TV – well, at least occasionally! Next time you’re in the mood to watch TV, why not check out one of the pr...


10 Must Visit Beauty Stores

The world’s richest women spend some serious time (and money) shopping for beauty products in their lifetime. Whether it’s lipstick, foundation, concealer or something else she’s after, purchases ofte...

High Life

Spring Trends The Stars Are Wearing Now

Celebrities are always the first to phase out winter fashion and bring in the upcoming spring trends. Even if it’s still cold outside, fashion enthusiasts around the globe are already wearing items th...


Most Wanted Celebrity Hair Styling Tools

For the rich and famous, it would be unthinkable to hit the catwalk, the red carpet or any A-list event without a visit to a top hairstylist first.  Perfecting just about any hairstyle takes time, mon...

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