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Top 10 Best UFC Nicknames of All Time

The toughest UFC fighters often come with the toughest nicknames. No matter how weird the UFC nickname, a fighter learns that they’ve got to live up to it when they step inside the cage and strive to ...


10 Hottest Players in the World Cup

Soccer superstars from across the globe are hitting up Brazil to battle it out on the field. Even if soccer’s not your thing, there’s a whole lot more to the 2014 FIFA World Cup than the game itself. ...

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10 Candy Bars That Changed Our World

It’s not hard to find a mouth-watering candy bar to chow down on these days – but identifying which candy bars have had the biggest influence on our lives is a bit tougher. There are the popular bars ...


10 Irresistible Iggy Azalea Facts

This 23-year-old blonde beauty from Australia is blowing our minds and capturing our attention. She’s easily taking the title as this summer’s breakthrough musician with her hit rap singles including Fancy and Change Your Life.

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18 Awesome Words to Bring Back

Prepare to be shocked if you delve back a few centuries and check out some of the weird words that were in use. Just as new words like twerk and tweet are becoming commonplace today, there were a bunc...


10 Huge Mistakes by Companies on Twitter

It seems it is way too easy for celebs or businesses to have an epic Twitter fail. Whether it’s the inappropriate use of a hashtag, a slip of the tongue, a failed attempt at humor, or an angry ex-empl...


10 Completely Bizarre University Courses

With the job market as tough as ever, some students are turning to bizarre university degrees in order to make their CVs stand out. They’re ditching traditional options like marketing, accounting, eng...

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10 Shockingly Risky Foods

Unhealthy foods aren't the only ones to avoid when you're doing your weekly shop or scanning the menu at a restaurant. In fact, every day foods that many people wouldn't think twice about eating can make you terribly sick or even cause your death.

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The 10 Biggest Fish Ever Fished

While every fisherman has hopes of one day catching the big one, it’s extremely tough to equal or beat a world fishing record. The International Game Fish Association is responsible for setting world ...

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5 Proven Ways to Be Cool

Everyone wants to be "cool" at some point in life and the good news is that research shows us exactly how to realize that dream. It turns out that it’s possible to become a charming, smooth operator j...

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10 Wild Sex Injuries

Love hurts and sometimes sex does too. Unfortunately, some of the most shocking injuries happen behind closed doors in the name of love (or at least in the name of passion). Often it’s caused by peopl...

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10 Smash Hits Meant for Other Musicians

It may be surprising that some musicians reject a song that then goes on to be a smash hit – but it’s more common that you’d think. The last few decades is full of examples of sometimes record-breakin...

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10 Unbeatable Games for Grownups

Board games are hip again - and we don’t mean just for kids. The board game market these days has made a big comeback. Toy shops and websites are littered with wild, wacky and sometimes brilliant tabl...

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10 Alarming Facts About Global Drug Use

The results are in for the biggest drug survey the world has ever seen – and it’s filled with all sorts of fun facts about illegal and legal drug use. Conducted in late 2013, the Global Drug Survey to...

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10 Inspiring Celebrity Single Moms

Famous, single and raising kids – it’s not a recipe for relaxation but many moms make it work. From changing diapers to feeding to helping with homework, many stars have jumped to the challenge as sin...

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The 10 Biggest Families in the World

The world’s population is soaring and some families are helping bump up those statistics much more than others. The global population is expected to hit the 11 billion mark by 2100 but it’s currently ...


10 College Dorms That Are Shockingly Nice

Gone are the days when all students could hope for was a tiny two-to-a-room dorm with 50 others sharing the communal bathroom. As we look ahead to the new academic year kicking off in September 2014, ...

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The Top 10 Celeb Booties of 2014

Being told you have a big butt is no longer even close to an insult. That’s partly in thanks to a group of “bootylicious” and curvy celebrities who have well and truly brought the butt back into fashi...

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