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The 10 Worst Disney Sequels Ever


Did you know producers wanted to make a sequel to Forrest Gump? They were unable to, because Tom Hanks refused to partake in a second movie, believing that it would only be a repetition of the first. ...

The 12 Most Powerful Pokémon


Most kids growing up in the 90s loved Pokémon. The Pokémon franchise has created countless games, movies, tons of memorabilia and there is lots more to come. Pokémon fans everywhere are excited for th...

10 Ways The Kardashians Are Shaming America


Many 20th century writers felt America’s traditional values were declining and that instead of progressing, their beloved country was becoming superficial. Having now entered the 21st century, these w...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Seinfeld


Seinfeld,  the famous show "about nothing" was one of, if not the most popular sitcom of the 90s.  As most sitcoms of the 90s focused on either family-relations or co-worker relations, Seinfeld stood ...

10 Things Women Say And What They Really Mean


We’ve all heard the expression “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”  Indeed, women usually do think quite differently from men, and thus express themselves differently as well. It should be no s...

10 Things You Should Never Put On Facebook


Imagine that you finally saved up enough money to backpack around Europe for a couple of months. You’re so excited that you can’t help but keep posting updates on Facebook. “Only three days left! Euro...

10 Unusual Traits Women Are Attracted To


Look at men on billboards and what do you see?  Strong, masculine, well-built macho types. Indeed, people generally think that women are universally attracted to the same qualities in men: strong, pro...

10 Of America's Most Ridiculous Laws

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Laws are an important part of any civilization: they are there to protect citizens and to ensure the well being of society… at least, in theory. The human race has seen some pretty awful laws: racist ...

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