Articles by Meagan Freeman

Common Food Ingredients That Will Gross You Out


Do you know what goes in to your favorite processed foods? The truth is, food companies use a lot of FDA-approved ingredients that come from some pretty unusual, and sometimes gross, sources. Check ou...

Strange Fast Food Menu Items


Fast food has become a common part of our everyday lives. As our fast food cravings get stronger, restaurants are fighting for our dollars. Here are some outrageous drive-thru offerings that put the b...

The Biggest Fitness Myths: Busted


Many strive to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. There is a plethora of fitness advice available, but can you really believe all you hear or read? Here are the biggest fitness myths that you need to k...

10 Stars Who Don't Seem To Age


Looks are everything in Hollywood. Many celebrities will do just about anything to keep looking the same year after year. Some have succeeded and many have failed. Blame it on good genes or a good doc...