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True Or False: 15 Absurd Celebrity Rumors

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Sticks and stones will break your bones but some rumors just don’t add up. And who knows more about rumors than those constantly in the public eye. We’re talking about celebrities - the tabloids just ...

The 15 Sexiest Eyes In Hollywood


Who has the sexiest eyes? Why those scintillating people out there in Hollywood, that’s who. They say the key to your soul is through your eyes and we would have to agree with one modification… the ke...

15 Celebrity BFF's We Wish Were Dating

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Famous twosomes are all the rage right now. We mere commoners love getting a glimpse of the rich and famous as they publicly develop bonds with other elite members of Hollywood. Let’s be honest, when ...

The 15 Hottest Gingers On The Planet

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Gingers might not have souls, but some sure are nice to look at. Who needs a soul anyway… not them. Sure, blondes have more fun (though not 100% proven) and brunettes… well, what about brunettes? They...

The 13 Most In-Demand Movie Sequels

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Hollywood sure has a way of packaging old ideas and selling it to the public. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that-- but let’s be honest, remakes and sequels are often hit or miss. The reimagin...

The 25 Sexiest Women Currently On TV

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They’re sexy, they’re sassy, and they’re stealing our hearts! For all those beaus (and ladies who can appreciate a good-lookin’ woman) out there, it won’t come as a shock that people on TV are pretty....