Articles by Maya Vukovska


15 Times Paparazzi Crossed The Line

If you are, let’s say, Justin Timberlake, and you spot a casual photographer lurking behind the bushes, you should think twice before calling him a paparazzo. He might be short tempered and throw his ...

High Life

15 Cringe-Worthy Dating Profile Pics

You may want to do things the old-fashioned way – pick up a girl, let’s say, in a library, take her to dinner and movies, then go to her place, undress her in the dim light of the candles, and… Well, ...


15 True Survival Stories Too Absurd To Be Real

Nothing is certain but death and taxes. We don’t know if the heroes of the following 15 stories could avoid paying their taxes, but for sure they managed to cheat Death. No matter how healthy we eat a...


15 Brutal Facts About Communism

How would you feel if you lived in a country where both cars and bread were luxury goods? Not good, right? If we had to teach a brief class in Communism 101, here is how the first lesson would go: Bas...


15 Starlets Whose Hotness Keeps Yo-Yoing

We hate ourselves and the world around us when they come – bad hair days, bad skin days, bad love-life days, and bad days for no obvious reasons. For us, regular people, dealing with problems such as ...

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