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10 Rich Men Who Made Shocking Public Blunders

The power to make a whole lot of money doesn't necessarily equate with sound judgement. In fact, there are plenty of cases where seemingly upstanding philanthropic gentlemen go off the rails and seem to temporarily lose their sanity.


12 Most Infamous Nude Scenes In Cinema History

Nude scenes aren't particularly unusual for Hollywood actors.  Academy Award winners who have given the world memorable performances still aren’t above bearing it all if the part calls for it. Of cour...

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Top 10 Most Passionate Sports Fan Bases

Sports fandom is a religion for some people. The collective identity that people get from supporting their specific club or organization takes on a level of zeal that is hard to match.  Celebrating vi...

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18 Strange Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos have various meaning to the people who chose to adorn their body in permanent ink.  Tattoos can be cultural, they can signify deep meaning with a certain group or collective.  They can also be...


13 Celebrities Who Can Actually Kick Ass

Hollywood stars have sometimes had to go through intensive martial arts training when preparing for a physically demanding role.  Whether they’re playing the latest superhero or starring in an action ...


10 Notorious Celebrity Poker Players

Celebrities and poker have gone hand in hand in popular culture for decades.  Images of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin at the poker table glamourize the fun and spectacle of Las Vegas in the 1960’s.  T...

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10 Worst Factory Farm Practices

Factory farming is one of the biggest systems of mass production in the world.  It is a business and thus an industry driven by the incentive for profit, not humane considerations.  Farmers receive mo...

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11 Most Infamous Gold Diggers

The gold digger has been a phenomenon that has existed since the advent of the monetary system.  We are not referring to the men who toiled away in the mountains in search for literal gold…We’re talki...


10 Great Womanizers Throughout History

In Don Quixote, the famous adventure story, the name Lothario came to signify the “unscrupulous seducer of women”.  A Lothario came to be known as a ladies' man, a kind of Don Juan who will use his mi...

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10 Most Influential Pipe Smokers

Pipe smoking is one of the most cherished and long-lasting customs in our world. Smoking a pipe connects us to a ritual that has existed for centuries and it is thought of as “the oldest form of tradi...