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11 Most Desired Hot Female Stars Of 2015

Hollywood women must find it hard living up to their titles of being the most desired hot females in showbiz, especially when one considers the fact that the list constantly changes from year to year....


10 Celebrities Who Hate Ariana Grande

While 22 year old Ariana Grande's career continues to soar in the music industry, it goes without saying that the songstress has made quite a few enemies along the way (just like many other rising you...


12 Celebrities Who Were Caught Stealing

Celebs aren't as innocent as you think they are. Sure, we all have a past, but not all of us have been arrested on multiple occasions for the same crime that consists of stealing! The Hollywood stars ...


10 Famous Exes Who Regret Hooking Up

It's not unusual for someone to suddenly regret the people they have dated in the past, whatever their reasons may be. But it must be worse for famous people who have to deal with the public scrutiny ...

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