Articles by Maurice Cassidy

10 Celebs In Desperate Need Of A Makeover


We've all been victims when it comes to sporting looks we thought were cool, only to realize a couple of years later how bad those jeans looked with the 3XL shirt that was two sizes too big. So yes, i...

10 Of The Most Ridiculed Rappers Of 2015


The Hip Hop industry is a tough field to be in. The music genre, which arguably had its peak during the 90s with the likes of so many talented rappers, has shifted lanes in recent years. With these te...

10 Celebs And Their Biggest Regrets Ever


While celebrities often give the impression that everything in their life is exactly going the way they could have dreamed for it to be, every now and then, these famous stars form some kind of regret...

10 Celebs Who Rebounded With Total Losers


Fans love to see their celeb idols in relationships that seemingly make sense; the couple understands one another, may sometimes lead to arguments, but generally, there is nothing but love and happine...

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