Articles by Maurice Cassidy


15 Broke Celebs Who Live Like Ballers

It’s anything but uncommon to see celebrities live beyond their means. While their social media following might give them the impression that they are incredibly famous, with some of these stars havin...


15 Wrestlers That Time Has NOT Been Kind To

It’s hard not to find a wrestler that time hasn’t been kind to. The majority of wrestlers we all grew up loving tend to age quite quickly — but many fans would like to think that their life is so diff...


15 Wrestlers Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

It’s very rare to come across a bunch of wrestlers in their early 40s that are actually aging gracefully. Considering that they take punches to the face for a living, it’s quite extraordinary that the...


14 Major Stars Who Lost Everything

Can you imagine having an incredible amount of wealth and fame in a matter of years, and before you know it, all of it just disappears? Well, that is exactly what has happened to many of the celebriti...

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