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15 Freaky Reports Of Sasquatch Abductions

For years, paranormal researchers and the world at large have been captivated by eerie tales of a large ape-like entity that appears in remote areas of the world. Variously called Sasquatch, Yeti, or ...


15 Facts About The Life Of Max Spiers

On a summer day this past July, Max Spiers, a UK ufologist, wrote a text message to his mother from Poland, a place where he was about to deliver a lecture. The message said this: “Your boy’s in trouble. If something happens to me, investigate.”

Tech & Science

15 Convincing NASA Photos Of UFOs

In recent years, NASA and International Space Station (ISS) has had quite a problem on their hands when it comes to PR and the American public. The problem has mainly surrounded numerous leaks from as...

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