Articles by Matt Davis


Four Companies That Up And Vanished

In 2010 alone, 675,000 companies closed their doors and 62,250 went bankrupt. Some were ill-conceived startups, others were beloved institutions. Some were little mom and pop shops, others were unfathomably large global entities.


Seven Hilariously Bad Product Ideas

We’ve all had a laugh at the New Coke debacle. A healthy number of people have cringed at the disaster that was Earring Magic Ken. Every year, an estimated 30,000 new products are launched and every y...


Four Incredible Acts Of Corporate Espionage

Underwater jet packs, explosive toothpaste, grappling suspenders and the inimitable La Bombe Surprise; the public has long harbored a fascination with smooth-talking spies and thrilling tales of espio...


Five Devastating Virtual Economic Collapses

Any time you put users inexperienced with the nuances of economic development in charge of monitoring and nurturing their own economy, you’re courting trouble. In certain players, the nature of video ...

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