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5 Retro Video Games That Hate Your Guts

In most cases, modern video games are designed with the player in mind. Vastly differentiated from their predecessors by their moderate difficulty levels, refined mechanics and empowering themes, mode...


4 Disturbing Video Game Urban Legends

Over time, all close-knit communities develop legends. From the creation myths of the Ancient Greeks to the campfire tales of modern Boy Scouts, human beings have always taken the inexplicable, filter...


These 5 Products Were Wildly Controversial

When dealing with the public at large on a global scale, it’s impossible to avoid the occasional controversy. As consumers, these situations serve to remind us that, behind the wheel, beneath the glit...


5 Embarassingly Terrible Business Decisions

We often find ourselves faced with difficult decisions. Standing on the precipice of “do” and “don’t,” it’s easy to make hasty decisions that, in retrospect, we come to regret. Is the expired milk in ...


History’s 5 Worst Corporate Mergers

Peanut butter and jelly. Scotch and soda. All of the members of Nirvana. There are certain combinations of things that seem to yield a sum greater than their parts. Like a jigsaw puzzle they slot toge...


4 Guys Who Accidentally Became Millionaires

In 2012, Marvin Rosales Martinez, a landscaper in New York, noticed a soggy lottery ticket peeking out from beneath a pile of leaves. One year later, he collected the $1 million prize. Imagine the con...

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4 Of The Most Brilliant Heists Ever

There’s something about an elegant heist that fascinates us. From the germination of an idea, the formation of a plan and the final execution, we are intoxicated by the concept of the “genius” crimina...


5 Products That Killed Their Users

As consumers, we place our trust in companies every day. We assume that because their livelihood depends on our liveliness they will have our best interests at heart. While this is normally a safe ass...


5 Ridiculous Products From Fringe Science

We all want to believe that there’s some unseen force maintaining a sense of order of in the world. A benevolent hand guiding us along a meaningful path, towards a destiny or — at the very least — awa...


5 Myths From The War On Electronic Cigarettes

Arguments about the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as a cessation tool aside, there are a number of myths — each with its own level of validity, or lack thereof — swirling about in the debate over their safety.


The 6 Least Subtle Product Placements In Film

We’ve all been ripped out of the immersion of a film or television show at one point or another by egregiously placed product promotions. Whether it’s everyone’s favorite anti-hero Francis Underwood c...

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