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The 7 Most Surprising Movie Deaths

More often than not, it’s easy to predict when a character in a movie is going to die. In horror movies, it’s usually the randy teenagers who decide to spend an amorous night in an isolated cabin. In ...


8 Incredibly Creepy Kids' Movies

Last year, Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow revealed the darker side of the Magic Kingdom. Produced without permission on the grounds of Walt Disney World over a period of months, the film tells the...


7 People Who Were Real Life Castaways

Man versus nature is a classic tale. In The Odyssey, Homer describes the adventures of Odysseus, the legendary Greek king of Ithaca who — after engaging in a little piracy — find their ships led astra...


The 6 Worst Sequels To The Best Movies

Hollywood has always loved a viable franchise. Take a look at the original A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Nightmare was originally funded by Wes Craven and Robert Shaye who leveraged every possible ...


8 Of The Strangest Fashion Projects

Every year, the world’s biggest fashion designers put together a show for Paris Fashion Week. Designed solely for the runway, many of the show’s entries are never intended for wear but, instead, to re...


5 Exciting Upcoming Netflix Originals

With the recent release of the second seasons of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, the viability of the company’s release model is no longer a matter of theory. Often earning them ...


10 Of The Most Reclusive Celebrities Ever

In this day and age it isn’t easy to stay under the radar. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and cell phones have all but rendered obsolete the concept of a low-profile existence. For celebrities, especial...


The 7 Best TV Characters Driven By Guilt

People have always harbored a certain fascination with tortured protagonists. Over the last few years, however, television studios have latched on to the concept of the guilt-ridden hero, the hero who...

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6 Of The Most Inexplicably Weird Websites

Otis Eugene Ray created the Time Cube website in 1997 and the Internet has had a collective fascination with it ever since. Ray’s bizarre blend of incoherent rambling, ill-informed pejoratives and pro...


7 Disney Girls Who Went Wild

There is a persistent rumor on the Internet that there exists some nefarious “Disney curse.” Perpetrators of the rumor suggest that stars touched by the curse are doomed to suffer career collapses, pe...

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These 5 Codes Have Never Been Broken

For centuries, the Voynich manuscript has confounded scholars and laymen alike. Written in the early 15th century, the book consists of roughly 240 pages filled with lavish illustrations of botanical ...

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5 Notable Times TV Signals Were Hijacked

Friday night on NBC: Dateline at eight, Grimm at nine, Hannibal at ten. For avid television watchers, life can be broken up into half-hour or hour-long blocks. A regimented schedule, daily programming...

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