Articles by Matt Bromagin

12 Celebs That Went Crazy Before Our Eyes


The world of celebrity looks pretty glamorous when only looking at the surface. There is this very common misconception that having any occupation that makes you famous, (athletes, musicians, actors/a...

The 12 Richest Actors To Ever Play Batman

High Life

Over the years, a rather large number of people have played The Caped Crusader on film and television. If you were to include all the animated television shows, the popular video games, and direct-to-...

12 Internet Myths We Need To Stop Believing


The Internet is easily one of the greatest technological innovations in human history. If you had told someone a mere thirty years ago that they were only a couple decades away from having a robot in ...

13 Jobs You Won't Believe Actually Exist


On a planet teeming with over 7 billion people, a lot of things need to be done. Some of these things make for glorious and wonderful occupations, earning anyone in the field millions and in some case...

10 Pro Athletes Who Really Hate Their Jobs


For most of us with average careers and 9 to 5 jobs, it's hard to look at some people in the world and expect them to hate their job. A few occupations that come to mind as impossible to hate would be...

12 Of The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows


Here we are once again on the verge of another Super Bowl. Over the years it seems that a lot of focus has been taken off the actual game being played, and a surprising number of people who aren't eve...

14 Of The Most Famous Real Life Police Chases


On screen, there is nothing more exciting than a well-executed car chase sequence. There are massive explosions, multiple vehicles, and a lot of them involve Mel Gibson performing swash-buckling stunt...

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