Articles by Mark Lowe

The Deeper Meaning of Rocky IV


While it is easy to appreciate sports for the exhilarating plays, breathtaking display of athleticism, and the thrill of victory, sports represent more than touchdowns or home runs, more than victorie...

Top 10 NBA Family Men


The National Basketball Association (NBA) and other professional sports’ leagues have long been synonymous with paternal problems and broken homes. Take, for example, the 1998 controversial Sports Ill...

Top 5 Most Empowering Nike Commercials

Other sports

The story is all too familiar: The seemingly ordinary or flawed individual triumphs over limitations, rejection, and fear to become extraordinary. These narratives and images resonate with us and serv...

5 Most Important Wheaties Athletes

Sports (old)

In the world of sports, there are numerous, detailed metrics to determine success. In professional basketball, for instance, athletes are judged on championships, Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, sc...

Top 5 Most Shocking NBA Deadline Trades


With NBA All-Star weekend having wrapped up, basketball minds now turn their full attention to Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. While trying to predict the outcome of trade rumors is more difficult than...