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Geer Pimallski

Geer Pimallski is a human paradox who loves retro tech AND is an Early Adopter. He considers every Boston sports team ever the greatest of all-time. He's also an insanely obsessive fan of the beautiful game of soccer, geeky movies, Jazz and Jam bands, and massively obscure books

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15 Celebs Rumored To Be Lesbians, But Aren’t

Geer Pimallski

There’s an old saying in Hollywood (well, not that old, but time passes quickly in La La Land) that you aren’t anyone in the business until you’ve been rumored to …

15 Celebrity Moms Every Guy Dreams Of Dating

Geer Pimallski

In the past couple of years, we’ve become accustomed to admiring the female form in all of its infinite variations in a number of ways. The explosion of the Internet …

15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were D-Bag Tippers

Geer Pimallski

There are a lot of great tippers in the world. In fact, the service industry (or at least the people who provide the service part of that industry) knows this …

15 Stars You Didn’t Know Went Bankrupt

Geer Pimallski

If you’ve never heard of famed “Gonzo” journalist Hunter S. Thompson you’re probably not alone. He was always more of a cult figure than a big-time celebrity, even if he …

Top 15 Biggest Tips Ever Left By Celebrities

Geer Pimallski

If there’s one thing we all like to do, it’s complain about celebrities. Sometimes, we complain about their behavior; sometimes, we complain about their money; sometimes, we complain about their …

Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Entourage

Geer Pimallski

For years now, HBO has been known for the high quality of their original programming. Everyone knows, of course, about the runaway success of Game of Thrones, perhaps the greatest …

Fake Or Real? 25 Hot Reality Stars

Geer Pimallski

It’s no secret that celebrities really, really like their plastic surgery. It seems that there’s nothing like a little breast augmentation (or reduction for that matter), a stomach nip or …

15 Sporty Cars Every Guy Wants… And Can Afford

Geer Pimallski

From the moment one can drive, and often long before that, it’s the American Dream for pretty much every guy. It’s the thing that has inspired dudes for generations to …

15 Hot Photos Of Ariel Winter By The Water

Geer Pimallski

There’s this little show out there called Modern Family, which has, slowly but surely, become a huge hit. When it debuted way back in 2009, it didn’t seem like it …

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