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12 Geek Gift Ideas For Christmas

Finding gifts for Christmas is difficult. At least, I find it terribly hard to find the right thing for the right person. And I think it's the same for everyone else, because people rarely know what to give me. We're even.


10 Naughty Christmas Stuffers You Must Get

Christmas is upon us, folks! With it comes the music and festive decorations, as well as the amazing cold that enters your lungs and makes you feel like you're freezing from the inside andout! Needless to say, I love winter.

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11 Of The Most Creepy Unresolved Mysteries

Are you the kind of person who can stay up all night trying to solve a mystery? You know, something so complex and weird that you can feel and smell your brains starting to cook in your head? I have. And I haven't resolved anything.

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10 Shocking World Tragedies Of 2015

The media has become a particularly strong communication method to inform the world about what's going on everywhere, wherever you may be. In an era where any event can go viral in seconds, an infinit...


Top 15 Creepiest Places on Earth

The world, and more precisely the Earth, is a wonderful place. There are so many wondrous locations and things to see that no one will ever succeed to visit in a lifetime. Some will devote their exist...

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Top 10 Myths About Female Sexuality

Human sexuality is a subject that will never stop being discussed. Everyday, we learn something new about it, and scientists are not done exploring this field. From the mechanics of our bodies to what...


Top 10 Surprising Female Fantasies

With feminist movements everywhere and the sexual liberation of women, we seem to think that we know everything about female fantasies. We know the usual ones for sure: being "forced" into activities ...