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The 10 Hottest Angelina Jolie Roles

She’s undeniably one of the sexiest actresses in the world, catching Hollywood and the public’s eye not just because she was the daughter of acclaimed actor Jon Voight, but because of her unusual look...


The 13 Hottest Female Politicians

Politics is considered one of the most prestigious fields to be in, though this shouldn’t be the case. As a politician, one is supposed to serve and protect his or her constituents, so it’s actually s...


The 12 Hottest Celebrity Grandmas

The term “hot mama” took on a whole new meaning when the film The Graduate was released, as it depicted a sultry older woman named Mrs. Robinson seducing a newly-graduated young man played by Dustin H...


11 Celebs You Never Knew Had A Black Belt

Getting into martial arts or any form of combat arts is no easy feat and being able to master it on a certain level surely gives you bragging rights. The art of fighting is studied in depth for many reasons.


14 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Jewish

A celebrity’s origins and background are always fascinating to their biggest fans. After all, getting to know one’s idol also entails taking a peek into his or her past and where he or she came from. ...


15 Wonders Of The World You Have To Visit!

The pyramids of Giza. Petra in Jordan. Rome's Colosseum. While these places will never fail to evoke awe and wonder from their beholders, we have to face facts that since they’ve officially joined the...


The 14 Most Unexpected Celebrity Cameos

In Hollywood jargon, an Easter egg isn’t a colorful confection in the shape of an egg that kids go gaga over. Rather, the loose definition of an Easter egg in films is a “joke or a reference cleverly ...

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14 Jobs Where Women Earn Way More Than Men

For the longest time, women were considered mere second-class citizens in the work place, not being given the same opportunities as the men to flourish professionally. But since the advent of feminism...

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12 Movies That Men Secretly Love

When guys meet up, they fill their conversations with testosterone-induced topics like poker, sports, cars, and hot women, all ribbing each other and comparing notes on said topics. What many of them ...

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12 Of The Worst Runway Fails of All Time

In the world of catwalks, haute couture, and stick-thin walking mannequins with legs that go on for miles, the general perception of everything that’s connected to this field is that it’s all about gl...


12 Of The Most Mysterious Lakes On Earth

Many of us take for granted the true beauty of this world we live in. We get so engrossed in our fast-paced lives, in technology, and in achieving our goals that we forget to sit back, relax and marve...

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13 Items Women Only Wear To Please You

Since the beginning of time, women were always measured by their over-all outer appearance. Though feminists today may violently protest the notion that women are nothing more than objects, the fact o...

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