Articles by Michael Winter

15 Times Pregnant Celebs Looked Rough AF


If you get yourself knocked up you have to expect a little up-scaled attention; a few more looks, maybe an old biddy stopping you in the street for a feel of the bump. Like it or hate it that’s an ine...

15 Shocking Stories From The Mormon Community


Mormons are a religious order following the tenet of Mormonism, the principal branch of the Christian Latter Day Saint (LDS) movement. Mormonism was created by New Yorker Joseph Smith in the 1820s and...

15 Celebs Who Are Hot AF In Body Paint


The art of body painting goes back donkey’s years. The famous haggis-munchers -- known as "the Picts" back then, but who later changed their name to the Scots -- are thought to have had a hand in deve...

15 Rich Jerks Who Drive Nicer Cars Than You

High Life

When it comes to the richest people on the planet, there are a variety of personalities – from the lovely, saint-like public behaviour of Ed Sheeran and J-Law, to the reportedly rude and obnoxious cha...

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