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15 Most Chilling Photos Taken At Alcatraz


Alcatraz is one of the most famous American prisons in history. At any given time, prisoners come from anywhere from the low of 202 residents up to a high of 302. Over 1,500 men called Alcatraz their ...

15 Ugliest Recent Hollywood Divorces


There is a list of traditional gifts for milestone wedding anniversaries. We all know that 25 years of matrimony is the Silver Anniversary, 50 years is referred to as the Golden Anniversary, and the 6...

15 Times Disney Went Way Too Far


Disney is a prime example of excellent branding. The Disney name has established a long-standing image that is synonymous with quality family-friendly entertainment. However, this is not always the ca...

15 Times South Park Went Way Too Far


Off the wall, on the edge, and over the top. All of these terms can be used to described Comedy Central's animated series, South Park. If you have never heard of South Park, you must live in North Kor...

15 Terrifying Animal Attacks Caught On Camera


There are few things scarier than having to fight for your life while you're being attacked by an animal who wants to kill you. Having to watch your child or loved one experience an attack can be equa...

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