Articles by Mark Lugris

This New York Penthouse Has The Perfect Patio


The Crown Penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue, a five-bedroom, 10,079 square foot residence listed at $73,800,000 is considered a modern masterpiece. Located on Madison Square Park, the apartment was design...

Self Driving Buses To Cruise Japanese Streets


Baidu, a Chinese technology company specialized in Internet-related services and products, is set to launch a self-driving bus. The automated vehicle is expected to hit the streets of Japan by 2019, a...

How To Negotiate The Salary You Deserve


When accepting a new job, it’s important to not do so blindly. Everything is open for negotiation, whether it’s your work hours, vacation days, or salary. Establishing yourself as a good negotiator is...

The Simple & Realistic Way To Get That Six-Pack


As guys get older, six-pack abs are not a matter of genetics, but of discipline. With hundreds of quick-and-easy solutions being bandied about, it’s hard to know what plan to follow. First, forget the...

Making Cold Brew Coffee Isn't That Hard


Cold brew coffee, a staple of coffee chains where its bitterness is usually nullified by copious amounts of whipped cream and artificial syrups, should not simply be hot coffee over ice. The proper wa...

Tesla To Offer Premium Internet On New Cars


Telsa, which was expected to start charging for cellular data access in its cars, has pleasantly surprised consumers by announcing that there will no additional charge, as of now, for standard connect...

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