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This New York Penthouse Has The Perfect Patio

The Crown Penthouse at 212 Fifth Avenue, a five-bedroom, 10,079 square foot residence listed at $73,800,000 is considered a modern masterpiece. Located on Madison Square Park, the apartment was design...


Self Driving Buses To Cruise Japanese Streets

Baidu, a Chinese technology company specialized in Internet-related services and products, is set to launch a self-driving bus. The automated vehicle is expected to hit the streets of Japan by 2019, and several Chinese cities before that.


How To Negotiate The Salary You Deserve

When accepting a new job, it’s important to not do so blindly. Everything is open for negotiation, whether it’s your work hours, vacation days, or salary. Establishing yourself as a good negotiator is...


The Simple & Realistic Way To Get That Six-Pack

As guys get older, six-pack abs are not a matter of genetics, but of discipline. With hundreds of quick-and-easy solutions being bandied about, it’s hard to know what plan to follow. First, forget the...

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