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15 Regular People Who Think They Look Like Celebs (But Are Clearly Mistaken)

Marika Kazimierska

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15 NBA Players Rejected By Regular Women

Marika Kazimierska

NBA players make millions upon millions of dollars and are some of the wealthiest people in the country. Their expensive lifestyle allows them to pretty much have anything they want. …

15 Inventions For Women That Are Way Too Weird

Marika Kazimierska

People have thought about some great inventions and gadgets for women over the years. However, there are some inventions that are just ridiculous and downright weird, and we still have …

15 Celebs Who Used Surrogates To Keep Their Figure

Marika Kazimierska

Celebrities are known to have the hottest bodies around, and it’s not a surprise when one star opts to use a surrogate to carry her child instead of getting pregnant. Losing …

15 Stars Who Dated Their Ex’s Doppelganger

Marika Kazimierska

Celebrities can date just about anyone they want, but it seems that even these particular stars can’t get over their exes. Moving on from your ex is tough, especially if …

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