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15 Hot Stars Who Were Skinny Shamed

We’ve all heard about fat-shaming, leading to a body-positive movement for “curvy” girls (and guys) seeking acceptance of their bodies. More and more advertisers, television shows, and the like are se...


15 Stupid Things People Did To Go Viral

These days, there’s no need to have any talent or training in order to become famous (or rich, for that matter). People worldwide have quickly realized that the big bad Internet is the ideal platform ...


15 Legendary Celebrity House Party Stories

Celebrities can be insane in many ways. Their lives are wild and adventurous, their homes and cars are over-the-top, and they’ve got money to burn and famous friends and lovers to join them. Plus, the...

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Top 14 Hottest Boy Band Members' WAGS

What would millions of tween, teens, and grown women have done without boy bands? Each group had a member that appealed to everyone’s type, whether they adored the cute and sensitive boy or the rugged...

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Madonna's 15 Flings, Fellas, And Failures

Superstar Madonna has had more than her fair share of love interests since she’s been basking in the red-hot spotlight. Many a man (and a smattering of women) have gotten "Into the Groove", so to spea...

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