Articles by Melissa Kay


Hot Or Not? 15 Pics Of Ronda Rousey

The super-rad Ronda Rousey is one of the fiercest females around. She's a predatory lioness in the ring and a lovely lady on screen. As a female MMA champ, she's a rarity, but her competitive edge and...


15 Hot AF Cougars Who Can't Be Tamed

Roar! There are some women in the public eye who just don’t seem to want to date (or marry) men their own age. We’ve come to call such ladies “cougars” and their younger lovers “cubs.” Aww, how sweet.


15 Flat Celebs Men Think Are Super Sexy

Big-breasted women are always seen as curvy and voluptuous sex symbols, but small-chested gals can be just as titillating (get it?) and alluring. For those women who embrace their petite and pretty bo...


15 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Jews

While most stars don’t generally walk around with their religion posted across their heavily-injected forehead, some celebs make it clear what it is they believe in, whether they are avid church-goers...

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