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High Life

15 Ways Meghan Markle Will Embarrass The UK

While many people from all over the world are over the moon that Prince Harry has chosen to marry an American woman, some people believe in tradition and wish that he had proposed to a British gal ins...


15 Ugly TV Stars With Beautiful WAGS

It seems that celebrity men can be less than attractive yet still land some of the world’s most gorgeous women. We rarely, if ever, see the reverse pairing where the woman is far less attractive than ...


15 Things Girls Do That Drive Guys Crazy

If there's one thing that guys know about women, it's that they can drive them completely crazy in both the good and not-so-good ways. "Crazy" in the sense that they stimulate all the senses with thei...


15 Celebs Who Belong In A Trailer Park

Today’s celebs are richer than ever. They have so much money in the bank and keep on raking it in while the rest of the world struggles to make ends meet. With all they earn for shows, movies, concert...


15 Times Britney Spears Drove Us Crazy

Ever since pop star Britney Spears came back on the scene post-Mickey Mouse Club, she's endlessly amused and aroused us with her sometimes questionable, but always eye-catching choices in wardrobe (or...

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