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Melissa Kay

Melissa Kay is a freelance writer and content strategist with a love for all things interesting enough to write about. Health, wealth, food, family, fun, and everything in between puts her fingers to the keys for a fresh perspective. Melissa lives in New York with her loving husband and disruptive (but also loving) cat.

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15 Ways Meghan Markle Will Embarrass The UK

Melissa Kay

While many people from all over the world are over the moon that Prince Harry has chosen to marry an American woman, some people believe in tradition and wish that …

15 Photos That Make J. Lo Look Older Than 48

Melissa Kay

Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. J. Lo, is one of the hottest entertainers out there. She is an accomplished actress, singer, TV judge, dancer, entrepreneur, and much more. As a single mom of …

15 Celeb Couples Who Should Be On 90 Day Fiancé

Melissa Kay

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s popular reality show, 90 Day Fiancé, then you have surely marvelled at some of the seemingly mismatched pairs who are seeking a quick marriage on …

15 Ugly TV Stars With Beautiful WAGS

Melissa Kay

It seems that celebrity men can be less than attractive yet still land some of the world’s most gorgeous women. We rarely, if ever, see the reverse pairing where the …

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