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The 10 Most Notorious Inmates of Alcatraz

The Rock, Hellcatraz, Uncle Sam's Devil Island, or simply Alcatraz is the place where America's incorrigible badass gangsters were sent away to be tamed. A total of 1,576 violent and dangerous crimina...

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10 Medicinal Drugs That Could Kill You

Some 4,000 years ago, we used all sorts of roots to treat a variety of conditions. Later, during the Middle Ages, roots were said to be heathen and people were advised to say a prayer instead. Two hun...


17 Foods Banned Around the World

The hectic lifestyle of the modern 21st century man is not easy on our health. We just keep on abusing it. International cuisine has many savory dishes to brag about, each country has its own culinary...

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The 10 Most Diabolical Women in History

At the end of his timeless masterpiece, Faust, Goethe captured the very essence of womanhood: “the eternal feminine draws us on high.” It's true, angelic femininity is capable of generating the spirit...

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The 10 Most Famous Witches in History

Witches and witchcraft have been around for thousands of years, and can be traced as far as when man discovered fire, and would spend the nights by its mystic flame preparing all sorts of concoctions....

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15 Popular Historical Myths Busted

Edmund Burke once said that “those who don't know history are destined to repeat it” and there are some things we certainly wouldn't want to repeat. However, history as we know it is filled with false...


20 Weird Forbidden Things Around the World

Certain Asian and Islamic countries have quite a reputation for unusual laws banning all sort of things we would normally find harmless. All of us who were brought up in a progressive country have a h...


The World's 10 Craziest Restaurants

What is the criteria by which we choose a restaurant? Delicious food, excellent service, and nice atmosphere of course. However, there is more to dining than just eating, and there are restaurants tha...

The Poorest

The 10 Most Polluted Cities On The Planet

There's only so much industry, overpopulation, and brainless, excessive exploitation of our resources that the Earth can handle. Reality check! A significant part of the world's population does not li...


10 Ridiculous Celebrity Urban Legends

Who cheated on who, who is dating who, who is an addict, who is a recovering alcoholic, and who has had bizarre plastic surgery? There's only one thing tabloids love more than celebs; good old gossip....


10 Places on Earth Straight Out of a Nightmare

Mankind is a truly fascinating species. Endowed with imagination and creativity without limits, there's seemingly no end to what us humans can build. We can instill life into our most colorful dreams,...


10 Clifftop Hotels That Will Blow You Away

There's something alluring about the most dizzying heights, in spite of the potentially dangerous void below. Perhaps it is because they represent the fine line between land and sky, caught in the mid...

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